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It is the year 2005, and the Master, as Harold Saxon, has first taken over Great Britain, and then from there the Planet Earth. But there is one thing he has not realized. The Paradox which he created in order to take over has done damage to the walls between Time, Space, and other universes that he had never accounted for. Damage which is making them blur and blend.

These wanderers arrive in a strange new world, uncertain, untried, many of them needing to learn the language, and to find friends that can help them survive in an environment where even the freest are not free. Slave camps are common place, and death is an every day occurrence, though if you catch the Leader on a good day even that is not permanent. At a price.

Out of Time is a Doctor Who based pan fandom forum role play where just about anything you can imagine could happen, all it takes is a bit of cooperation and imagination. Romance, political intrigue, odd relationships, friendships between characters you would never dream of, all of it in a very fascinating and fun mix of just about any world you could imagine.

Het, yaoi, and yuri are not only allowed, but encouraged, and NC-17 material as well. This is a dark and gritty landscape, and such things are to be expected in such a place. The only thing that is asked is respect for your fellow players in all aspects of play.

contact screamersgirl30 on AIM for more info.

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There will be death, pain, rebirth, torture, all manner of twisting of reality.


Liquid Snake has returned from the Afterlife bigger and badder than ever with a new Machine to wreck havoc.
Having reunited with Ocelot, they have managed to get hold of the Tardis from one of the Time Lords, Ten --and blackmailed him into surrendering it -- now Liquid has a toy that he uses to randomly bring in people from all over the world--- all over the universe really-- and Life and Death are no obstacle.
Once he managed to unlock the secrets of the Tardis, Liquid rigged a way to remotely control its capabilities.
Sometimes for amusement, sometimes for malicious reasons, Liquid can bring in someone from anywhere, can literally raise the dead, because he can simply pluck them from a time before they lost their physical form.
He is not sane, far from it, and this only adds to the danger and threat to the world.
Shadow Moses Island is now a huge settlement with many people living around it, a massive Fortress that is watched over by Liquid, Ocelot, Loki, Vergil Sparda, many of the original SM crew.
Fort Freedom is the seat of the Resistance, and Liquid allows them to exist only because it amuses him-- that amusement could end at any time, and for any reason. They are located in the Rockies, in a fortified Citadel well guarded, and among the personages there are Big Boss and the Boss, who are the Leaders.
From time to time Liquid sends attacks of various sorts against them, and they have so far survived.
Don't Tread On Me - the DTOM -- they are the remnants of the USA government, with Patriot and Philosopher holdouts and supporters among them. They strongly desire the deaths of Liquid and Ocelot, and have already sentenced them to death by hanging in absentia. They have no love for Fort Freedom either, seeing them as radicals.
If you get pulled in here be aware that the cities are now all GEAR/GEKKO bases, and up and down the coasts there are rows of massive super-nukes, the Cronos and the Titan, and modified Minutemen. Life goes on, life always goes on, and there are drugs, whores, black markets, crying babies and housewifely drudgery in this world, just as there was before Liquid unlocked his terrible secret.
You might land anywhere, and your fate might be kind or cruel, depending on the whims of a mad God.
There's no rhyme or reason to things now: The TARDIS has begun to malfunction, upset by Liquid's toying with it, and although it's still under Liquid's control, it has started to pull people randomly, without the need of Liquid's express orders. Things can only get more insane, so feel free to join in the madness!
Our AIM chat is: lemondechat

We are on Yahoo Messenger every day:




Once you join, come there to plottage out your destiny!

The World According to Liquid Snake..... he might call it Outer Heaven at times, but don't be fooled.

It's just a pretty wrapping for Hell on earth.

We have also added Past, Future, and Alternate Universe boards, you can let your imagination run as wild as you like. Take offs on the original plot are welcome on the Alternate Universe board.
We also have a plotting chat on AIM, lemondechat, if you would like to drop in to check us out and plot with us.

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You have reached the end of the line

You wake up in a bed, the scent of cinnamon candles surrounding you. You aren't where you are when you fell asleep, you may have awakened lost, confused, but all you know is something has drawn you here. Something you may not understand entirely, even. You walk out the door and begin searching,

Come out into a corridor, there is a hallway, full of doors. Open a door, your fate awaits you behind it. It may be your way home, or your worst nightmare, it all depends on the way Destiny feels that day. Destiny can be a bitch when she's in a bad mood, though, so be on your guard.

What will you find when you open the door? A beautifull woman (or handsome man if that is your preference), a vicious creature ready to devour you, or a worthy opponant for your need to compete? A beautiful place to tempt the senses? Why not open it. . .and see.


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