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Panfandom Smash

You have reached the end of the line

You wake up in a bed, the scent of cinnamon candles surrounding you. You aren't where you are when you fell asleep, you may have awakened lost, confused, but all you know is something has drawn you here. Something you may not understand entirely, even. You walk out the door and begin searching,

Come out into a corridor, there is a hallway, full of doors. Open a door, your fate awaits you behind it. It may be your way home, or your worst nightmare, it all depends on the way Destiny feels that day. Destiny can be a bitch when she's in a bad mood, though, so be on your guard.

What will you find when you open the door? A beautifull woman (or handsome man if that is your preference), a vicious creature ready to devour you, or a worthy opponant for your need to compete? A beautiful place to tempt the senses? Why not open it. . .and see.